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Welcome to the home of the best GTA 5 cheats available on the web in 2022 for Windows Users (PC). Undetected and free to download with over 250 features! Get unlimted money, spawn every car you want to drive and use every weapon you have in mind to destroy your enemies. In cambination with our ESP hacks there will be absolutly no competition for you! - Dark_Zer0 (Developer)

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Take a look at our GTA 5 Cheats in action. Our free mod menu comes with a ton of features which will let you dominate GTA 5 in every aspect! No matter what you want to do in the world of GTA 5 our mod menu makes it possible.

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Fully undetected, working in 2022 and available to all windows users.
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Every game out there has mods and so has GTA 5. These awesome modifications will improve your gameplay by far in many ways. There are plenty of these mod menus out there but our GTA 5 cheats or our so called “GTA 5 multihack” can be considered as the best free GTA 5 cheats available on the web! In fact for free. Also our hack is accepted and used by many players around the globe because we are constantly working on new updates and our gta 5 cheats are always undetected.

Our free GTA 5 cheats are developed by Dark_Zer0 and his team. We offer you over 250 different features. We are also very proud that our GTA 5 cheats comes with hot keys. Did we already tell you that our multihack is absolutely free? Our project is only financed by voluntary donations from our users. You can download our GTA 5 cheats for free on our website. We also have a guide on our website that shows you how to install the program correctly. We are happy to help you with problems or questions, too.

But let’s take a look at the awesome features first …

Vehicle spawn – Drive every car you want

You got a wide selection of cars and vehicles to choose from in GTA 5 offline. For example, you can just steal a car, take it home and keep it. But the same is not the case with GTA 5 online. The system has some rules that prevent something like that. If you do that, you must expect consequences from other players. Because they are real people. And they don’t like it when you steal their car for sure. But our GTA 5 cheats comes with a great feature: Just spawn every car you want! By using this feature you won’t break any rules in GTA 5 online. ALso our mod menu is 100% undetected. there is nothing you need to worry about.


Character change – Be whoever you want to be

In GTA 5 offline you are forced to use the main characters. It is not possible to customize your avatar there. That is changing right now and right here. Our GTA 5 cheats makes it possible for you to play any character in GTA 5 offline that you want. Oh yes, we talking NPCs! It is up to you which character you want to play from now on. Choose if you want to be a policeman, a fireman, a soldier or just a normal person. It’s up to you.

GTA 5 Cheats
Unlimited Money – Buy whatever you want

To be honest: In the offline world of GTA money is not really a problem. But in the online world it is because there are certain rules on the servers. With our GTA 5 cheats that changes for you now. Our hack allows you to have unlimited money on the GTA 5 online servers! But be careful: It’s better not to tell everyone how rich you are. If the server admins find out, they won’t be happy. Since our multihack is undetected, you don’t need to worry about the anti-cheat system.


ESP Hacks – Dominate your enemies

Oh yes! Our 250 features also include ESP hacks. Our GTA 5 cheats are famous and notorious when it comes to our Wallhack, Aimbot, Speedhack and Radar Hack! With our multihack you really have a mod menu or a tool that contains all imaginable functions. Similar to how the hack works in other games such as Fortnite or CSGO, our ESP hacks allow you to see NPCs or other players through the wall. Thanks to our Aimbot, you only need one aimed shot to eliminate your opponents and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. You will dominate the whole server!


100% undetected – The safest GTA 5 Cheats on the web

There are hundrets of mod menus and other hack tools out there for GTA 5. (Most programs even cost money). And every developer claims his cheats are undetected. Unfortunately, this is rarely true. Many gamers are not aware of this and using such mod menus are coming with a high risk factor. Many users find themselves with a banned account, abundant money and wasted time! This will not happen to you with our GTA 5 cheats. We guarantee you that! Our Multihack is always up 2 date and undetected. So far there was not one single player report of a ban. There’s nothing you have to worry about!

Free Download – Why you should choose us?

Most mod menus and tools that exist no longer work at all. This is because the developers can no longer keep up with the GTA 5 updates. They are useless! It’s different with us! We work daily on new updates and features so that you have a working hack. It’s very simple: We have the best GTA 5 cheats on the web! And the best thing about it: You can download our multihack for free. Of course we would be very happy about a small donation.


100% functional – The most reliable GTA 5 Cheats

Our Multihack is safe to use for GTA 5 players. And if you don’t like our tool, you have no loss. As already mentioned it’s completely free. Our GTA 5 cheats work with the latest game updates. The software is always up to date and undetected. Also, our cheat is very easy to use. You don’t need complicated instructions. A tool with 250 features that is free. What the hell are you waiting for? Hit the download button!

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